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Reliable and Experienced


Our company was structured to exceed the standards in customer service. Every project has this in mind, Honesty, quality and integrity. That is what we want every project to incorporate. We specialize in commercial and residential painting, Dry wall finishing, applications of commercial vinyl wall coverings as well as residential wall paper. Faux finishes and specialized coatings. We ask ourselves every day how we can improve on all aspects of finishes and coatings to make it as smooth and stress free as possible for our customers.


Communication is Key

We will work with you  to meet deadlines and coordinate with other related projects. We will maintain open communication with you to keep you up to date on the status of your project. We do this to guarantee that the project is completed according to your preferences.

What Color is your mood ?


I'f someone asked you right now what mood are you in, what would your answer be? Some may have a valid reason to be in a good or bad mood. Happy or sad mood. Some may not have a particular reason for their mood. Look around and identify the colors that are surrounding you. Could they be a part of what mood you are in right now?

 I have played a part in repainting countless surfaces. When the project is complete, its Beautiful. But why these colors?  I started to ask myself what inspired the colors of the project i just finished. The Old State House, The Governors Mansion. Boat docks on the Arkansas river, rental properties. I have applied coatings of all kinds, colors of all kinds to surfaces of buildings all over Arkansas.

Our company has been a part of many projects where i have asked myself Why? Why these colors? Years ago a large grocery store chain decided to renovate their stores with colors that would make you hungry. I really didn't pay much attention at the time to it because in my younger years i was hungry pretty much all the time. I stayed hungry. After repainting a couple i started to get curious about the role colors play in every day life. Lots of corporations pay large sums of money for some of these answers. Personally i have found that colors play a big role in every day life. It 's what changes people s attitudes and their moods basically every where.

After 35 years of projects in the painting trade i have seen customers go from "I hate that room its dark and dreary" or "I am sick of this house i just want to get a fresh coat of paint so i can sell it" to  "I cant believe the difference it has made painting these areas" "I love it". Over and over again i have seen first hand how a person can go from depressed to happy. Sick of seeing it to "  I just love it. " This is just a part of what has kept me Inspired to keep painting. My motto

  " See the difference" "Feel the Difference"

Ask yourself I'f i change the colors of my surroundings will it change my attitude or my mood?

Good question.

I'f you would like to change any colors in your life then give us a call .